Study Skills Bootcamp

Get ready for senior high school

  • Update your computer skills
  • Learn to manage your time
  • Conduct research effectively
  • Learn shortcuts

Be prepared now

  • Don't wait until the due date to become the 'do' date
  • You wouldn't start a marathon without training first, so treat study like a marathon and get prepared to succeed.
Teen study Bootcamp

2-day Bootcamp designed for teenagers in Years 11 & 12

Days:         Wednesday 9th January & Thursday 10th January 2019
Time:         9.30am to 4.00pm
Address:   330 Sheridan Street Cairns
Fees:         $450.00 per person plus GST (includes workbook,  study pack, and morning and afternoon tea)

If we decided to enter a marathon we would not turn up on the day and start to run. We would spend time and prepare. This would include a plan, choosing the right equipment and accessories, work with a coach or training buddy and then work towards the end goal. Let’s take the same approach for studying and select the right equipment, the relevant tools, make a plan, and work with a coach.

The 2-day ‘bootcamp’ is facilitated by Julie Edwards, who has taught in the vocational and higher education sectors. As a result of her experience, she has selected the key skills that students need in order to succeed. During the bootcamp, participants will learn how to use their computer and relevant software. Additionally, students will be taught how to use a diary, research and reference correctly, and so much more to enable them to succeed in their studies and with less stress.

We are only taking ten participants for the bootcamp, due to the interactive nature of the course. Students will be required to bring their own laptop and must have Word and PowerPoint installed on the laptop.

For more information or to book your place

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Address 330 Sheridan Street, Cairns



330 Sheridan Street Cairns


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