Tailored Professional


Tailored programs include one-day, week-long or weekend workshops. Our qualifications are nationally recognised.
Prepare your employees to make the transition to become leaders in your workplace.


Knowing how to communicate in a written format is essential.
We can train your employees to effectively use computer software, such as Word or Pages, both for planning and communication purposes.


Develop your staff to have the confidence to present information to your clients. This helps build your business and improve customer relationships. We also teach how to create electronic presentations, using various software.


We provide several week-long negotiation workshops in various locations. During the workshops participants immerse in the art of negotiation. Communication, planning and teamwork are incorporated into the workshop. Students who complete the program may also receive credit towards one of the diploma or graduate qualifications.

Customer service

Enhance your customers' experience at all touchpoints.
Topics include creating loyalty and embracing feedback.
Improve your customers' experience and grow your business. This practical approach has proven very beneficial to large and small business.


The graduate programs provide pathways with credit to MBA degrees.
The diploma programs provide advanced entry into many related bachelor degrees.
Give your staff nationally recognised executive training. This is an excellent benefit, for both the employee and the organisation.

Leadership & Management Qualifications

Blended mode - face to face workshops, plus on-line delivery.

We can deliver the following nationally recognised qualifications in your workplace. The blended mode includes workshops at a location and time to suit your operational requirements. We also deliver this program via our online learning platform.

Study skills workshops in your workplace, for groups of six or more participants, teach participants how to research, reference and use their computers more effectively. This makes studying less stressful and benefits the workplace.

All participants enrolled in accredited programs are provided with access to the Edwards Institute of Further Education online resource channel, known as the Green Toolbox, where we place a variety of tutorials.

“I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking”

Albert Einstein

Design training materials

Design educational resources

Training materials for various organisations can be tailored to suit your needs. This includes PowerPoints, induction materials, handouts and more.
Call us to discuss your needs on 1300 729 298.

Do you have the need for educational resources, such as resources for school groups visiting your tourism operations? We design activities, handouts and even games for your visitors. These can be sold or handed out to enhance your customers’ experience.

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