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Leadership and Management

Explore the possibilities and make 2018 the year to broaden your leadership and management skills. We offer a Certificate III in Business for those starting their career or returning to work.

Certificate IV and Diploma programs are available for team leaders and managers in various industries.

For senior executives, who have held senior management roles, we offer the Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership. This program has pathways to an MBA degree with credit.


Develop your communication skills, including verbal, non-verbal and written, in one of the leadership and management programs.
Explore the need for emotional intelligence and inter-generational communication in the twenty-first century workplace.


Work with others and develop your ability to think outside the square.

Participants solve problems presented in a case study and develop their argument in the Edwards Institute of Further Education ‘Great Debate’. Will your team win the ethics debate for this year?

Tools of the trade

Like any workplace, you need to have the right tools and studying is no different.

Our facilitators assist to help you develop the skills to research, analyse and present information.

Make the transition to formal study. Naturally, these skills can also be applied to the workplace.


Regular workshops are held throughout Australia.

If you cannot make a workshop our facilitators will contact you throughout your program to provide on-going support.

We provide 24/7 access to our Green Toolbox, where you will find many resources to help you wherever you are.


All required books are supplied to you and delivered to your door. There are no hidden fees.

Additionally, you are required to join the Australian National Library. There are no fees to join the Australian National Library.

This excellent resource will provide you with a wealth of materials, including academic journals, theses, and e-books to name a few.


There are four study periods a year, as well as week-long intensives for those who would like to join others who are also investing in their careers.

This enables you to complete a Certificate IV, Diploma or Graduate Program within two years.

Corporate programs are scheduled to suit an organisation’s operational requirements. These can be delivered on-site in your workplace. We can design programs specifically for your organisation and contextualise them to meet the needs of your staff.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.
(John Quincy Adams)

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