Tourism & Hospitality

Certificate II in Tourism (SIT20116)

Start your career in tourism, while at school, and gain the skills and knowledge required of people employed in the tourism and hospitality industry. This could help you gain a part-time job while you study, or be the start of an exciting career in this vibrant industry.

Certificate III in Tourism (SIT30116)

Develop your communication skills and gain valuable knowledge about Australia, its culture, the natural and man-made attractions that draw people from all over the world. Imagine a career where you could share your knowledge of this beautiful place we call home.

Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management (SIT50116)

The tourism industry needs great leaders, and at diploma level students develop leadership, budgeting, planning and marketing skills that are necessary in the twenty-first century. There are many careers available in this industry in Australia and throughout the world.

Our pathways

At Edwards Institute of Further Education students can commence a pathway to a career in tourism and the diverse careers available. Students can join at Certificate II, III or Diploma level, even while enrolled at school. The emphasis at the beginning of the program is on improving communication and customer service skills, as well as working with others as part of a team.

Our graduates have gained positions in hotels, resorts and various tourism operations. Many have moved on to university to commence degrees in business, arts and science. While some have moved into non-tourism roles, including the defence forces, social science and more, the core skills they developed through their tourism experience have continued to be valuable.


The following hospitality programs are currently available to corporate clients and school groups only.
For more information please call us on 1300 729 298. Thank you.

Certificate II in Hospitality (SIT20316)

Gain foundation skills, while you are at school, to help you find a part-time job in the hospitality & tourism industry while you study.
You could also be on your way to a career and gain credit towards the Certificate III and Diploma qualifications.

Certificate III in Hospitality (SIT30616)

Enhance your customer service skills, develop your knowledge and add to your resumé with this qualification.

Having good hospitality skills & knowledge can help you secure employment while you travel, or build a career.

Diploma of Hospitality Management (SIT50416)

Good hospitality leaders need to be able to think outside the square, communicate, supervise projects, coach others, budget and market.
This qualification encompasses the many skills required of a person seeking a career in this industry.