Jumpstart Programs


Designed to ‘jumpstart’ high school students into employment, careers and further study.



Certificate II in Tourism


Certificate II in Hospitality


Having a part-time or casual job while you’re at school can be really useful and the tourism and hospitality industry is often looking for young people with the right skills, a good work ethic and enthusiasm. Join us this school holidays and update your resumé with some essential skills to boost your chances of finding work and possibly an exciting career with opportunities to travel.

What you will learn in the Certificate II in Hospitality

✔︎  Hospitality knowledge

✔︎  Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)

✔︎  Work health & safety

✔︎  Communication

✔︎  First aid*

✔︎  Food & beverage skills

✔︎  Time management

✔︎  Teamwork

What you will learn in the Certificate II in Tourism

✔︎  Tourism knowledge

✔︎  Responsible Service of alcohol

✔︎  Work health & safety (includes the Queensland Construction White Card)

✔︎  First aid

✔︎  Communication

✔︎ First aid*

✔︎ Customer service

✔︎ Local knowledge

✔︎ Time management

✔︎ Teamwork

*First Aid is only offered during school holiday programs, unless arranged with the individual school prior to commencement and is subject to staff availability..

Suitable for:

SIT20316 Certificate II in Hospitality and SIT20116 Certificate II in Tourism

The Certificate II level tourism and hospitality programs are great for those who are starting their career in hospitality and/or tourism, or for those who want employability skills to add to their resumé and strengthen their application for part-time or casual jobs while they are at school or university.

To be eligible for either program students must be enrolled at high school. They can also be a registered homeschooler through the relevant state authority.

Mode of delivery:

🏛 On-campus in Cairns – known as the “Jumpstart Program”.

Students attend two weeks of workshops during the school holidays and complete homework tasks during the school term.

Please note we do tailor programs for various high schools and these programs can be delivered on-site at your school, or at a suitable location. Please call us on 1300 729 298 to discuss your requirements.


High school students may be eligible to participate in this program under the Queensland Government VETiS initiative.

If eligible, no fees apply.

Students who are not eligible for the subsidy can apply as a fee for service student.

Fee for service: $1,900.00 per person.

Fee payment plans can be arranged.

All students are supplied with an Edwards Institute of Further Education polo shirt, lanyard and all required materials.


Students who graduate from this program will be invited to join a Certificate III extension program – either the SIT30116 Certificate III in Tourism or the SIT30616 Certificate III in Hospitality, which commence at the end of the year. Learn more about the extension program – call 4041 5711. Graduates of the extension program have found this very useful in terms of developing skills for university study and obtaining part-time employment.

Program dates 2018 and 2019 - Cairns

Week 1:

Monday 2nd October to Friday 5th October

Week 2:

Monday 17th December to Friday 21st December

Week 1: 2018

Monday 17th December  to Friday 21st December

Week 2: 2019

Monday 14th January to Friday 18th January

Week 1:

Monday 21st January to Friday 25th January

Week 2:

Monday 15th April to Friday 19th April

Week 1:

Monday 8th April to Friday 11th April

Week 2:

Monday 1st June to Friday 5th June

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