Senior college

Dress requirements, IT requirements and College Day

Dress requirements

Classes commences at 9.15am and continue until 4.15pm. A typical week at Edwards Institute of Further Education comprises two days of workshop style classes and with day three a group project or excursion day. It is expected that all students secure part-time employment by Study Period 2 of the academic year.

Our students are required to dress as expected of an adult working environment within the local region. Personal presentation is expected to be of a high standard at all times.

Edwards Institute or Further Education polo shirt - purchase from college.
Black dress trousers - no jeans or leggings
Black socks
Black shoes - no sneakers or runners
College sweatshirt - purchased from college
Day Dress
All students
Edwards Institute or Further Education sport shirt - purchase from college.
Black sports shorts
White ankle socks
Black, white or black and white running shoes
College sweatshirt - purchased from college
Sports Dress
All students


General presentation

Headscarves. Where a scarf or a veil is worn, as part of religious observance, students must ensure that the garment does not interfere with work practice.

Hair must be clean and neat and, if long, tied back.  Hair fastenings may be black, white or purple.

Jewellery. Watches are acceptable, as well as medical bracelets/necklaces.  No other jewellery can be worn apart from one pair of discreet earrings – maximum one small earring stud per ear lobe.  Any jewellery must be removed for all sporting and work-based activities.  Taping over earrings is not accepted.

Lanyards supplied by Edwards Institute of Further Education MUST be worn at all times.

Students will be guided by their mentors regarding appropriate dress code for various excursions and camps.

IT requirements

Laptop. Students will need their own laptop – this can be a PC or Mac.

Micrsoft Office. Students must have Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Internet. Access to Internet is essential in order to complete assessments and work related activities.

Email. All students are communicated with via email and as such will be required to check their emails regularly.

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